Top 5 Career Goals for ACCA Students to Pursue?

Top 5 Career Goals for ACCA Students to Pursue?

Are you a person who dreams big and looking forward to securing a highly coveted accounting job roles as you progress in your career.

You are at the right time, reading the right article.

As you might already know that ACCA – the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – has been recognised as the world-leading professional accounting qualification with 2,27,000+ fully qualified members around the world and it’s recognised across 179 countries.

So it’s evident that after ACCA, there are endless opportunities for you as it’s a globally recognised qualification. Yet, you need to have a clear career goal to accomplish your bigger dreams.

In this article, what you will gain that clarity to choose top 5 career goals you can target after ACCA qualification.

Let’s dive straight into the list.

1. Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer is a senior executive who is responsible for managing commercial operations in an organisation.

Key Responsibilities:

In an organisation, the CFO has three primary responsibilities, which include: Management and budgeting, accounting and reporting, strategy and planning.

  • Support with high-level decisions about policy and strategy.
  • Recognize and address financial risks and opportunities for the company.
  • Manage financial reporting and budgeting team.
  • Inspect financial reports for ways to reduce costs.
  • Work closely with Chief Marketing Officer, CEO, and COO to develop the strategic plan and much more…

Average Annual Salary:  $3,83,168

2. Tax Specialist

Tax Specialists are usually needed in professional accounting or services firms.

Key Job Responsibility:

A tax specialist has to advise clients on tax law at local and international levels and also personally and professionally.

  • Investigating tax laws.
  • Supporting in IRS and state audits.
  • Collecting information and defining options for best practice to clients.
  • Providing quarterly and annual tax compliance.
  • Equipping federal and state income tax.

Average Annual Salary: $50,264

3. Finance Director

Finance directors are members of a senior executive team with responsibility for their company’s financial health.

Key Job Responsibility:

Finance Director combines operational and strategic roles, manage accounting and financial control functions, and establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business.

  • Managing financial planning and strategy.
  • Examining and reporting on financial performance.
  • Supervising audit and tax functions.
  • Producing and implementing accounting policies.
  • Preparation of forecasts and comprehensive budgets.
  • Reviewing departmental resources.

Average Annual Salary: $94,687

4. Financial Controller

Financial controllers are usually senior executives in an organisation.

Key Job Responsibility:

Financial Controller is generally in charge of an organisation’s accounting department, ensuring that the financial records and books of an organisation are maintained as per business and legal requirements.

  • Providing financial reports.
  • Analyzing financial data.
  • Observing internal controls.
  • Managing and preparing income statements.
  • Cooperating in budgeting processes.
  • Handling financial transactions.
  • Regulating audit processes.

Average Annual Salary: $99,931

5. Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accountant role is mainly present in professional services organisations.

Key Job Responsibility:

Forensic Accountant involves the use of accounting, auditing and investigative skills to examine an organisation’s financial reports and statements.

  • Evaluate financial documents to identify inaccuracies
  • Analyze financial data and trace discrepancies
  • Project and prevent financial frauds
  • Report on revenue losses and damages from contract breaches
  • Examine complex business cases to minimize risk
  • Implement litigation support and present findings to be used as trial evidence
  • Conduct regular financial record audits to ensure compliance with the law

Average Annual Salary: $62,397


Global accounting qualification like ACCA can be very lucrative in case you set the right career goals. Hope the above job roles can be helpful for you in that direction.

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