Top 3 Secrets to Crack Your Forthcoming ACCA Exams?

Top 3 Secrets to Crack Your Forthcoming ACCA Exams?

Getting overwhelmed because of the ACCA Exams which are around the corner is natural.

Instead of getting stuck there, it’s time to find effective ways to manage yourself to crack the coveted ACCA exams.

In this article, you will learn such 3 secrets to effectively learn for the upcoming ACCA exams.

Based on the recent ACCA exam results out of 103,000 students who entered the exam a total of 4,219 students completed their final exams to become ACCA affiliates.

That means a considerable number of people won’t crack ACCA exams easily in the first attempt. That doesn’t mean ACCA exams are really tough to crack.

Well, the fact of the matter is, in order to succeed in ACCA exam sessions students have to go beyond academicintelligence.

The purpose of the article is to share those complimentary things other than academic know-how to excel in your ACCA exams.

Let’s dive straight into those secrets right away! 

1. Long Term Thinking

Most of the students procrastinate many things until the last minute when it comes to exam preparations. If you are that kind of a person, when the exam dates approaches you get overwhelmed with multiple things to learn which will adversely affect your results in the ACCA exams.

So what you can do is, plan your studies and revision well in advance and create a detailed schedule to study each paper and its chapters. Include the time to take breaks and for other daily activities.

Then plot that schedule in a weekly study timetable and keep it handy by printing out the timetable and hang it near to your study desk so that you won’t miss meeting the schedule.

2. ACCA Examiners’ Perspective

The easiest way to understand what you can expect in an ACCA exam is to get inside the examiners’ mind.

Examiners conduct the ACCA exams obviously based on the syllabus. So getting familiarised with the syllabus would help you score better on the exam sessions.

Other than that, every year ACCA releases an interview with an examiner which is called “Examiner Approach Interviews”. Going through these “Examiner Approach Interviews” will gain mentoring, advice and ideas based on what the examiners are expecting.

These ways will help you understand the Examiners’ Perspective which will greatly help in preparing for the ACCA exams and ultimately cracking it.

3. Enhance Answering Method

Each ACCA paper has detailed content and information to be learnt. So writing an effective answer based on a variety of questions is truly a daunting task.

Just writing a plain answer won’t work in most of the cases. Some answers have to be elaborate, some can be direct and precise. It’s equally important to learn the whole ACCA material and how effectively you present your answers.

So it’s critical that you practice your answering method before the actual exam.

To enhance your answering style, go through past question papers, attend exam boot camps and study revision materials. 

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These are the most important things you should take care to improve yourself mentally while studying for ACCA exams.

So go ahead and prepare a weekly study timetable, have an accountability partner, organize your study place and sleep well. We are sure that these things will drastically improve your learning capabilities and good luck with the upcoming ACCA exams.

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