How to Effectively Prepare Your Mind While Studying for ACCA Exams?

How to Effectively Prepare Your Mind While Studying for ACCA Exams?

When it comes to professional accounting exams it’s natural to have increased stress levels. But it’s important that you keep the stress levels close to zero to retain what you are learning and focus better on the study materials.

In case you are wondering how to handle your mind effectively to reduce stress and learn better, then as you complete reading this article you will gain clarity for all those questions.

1. Prepare a Weekly Study Timetable

Most of the students procrastinate many things until the last minute when it comes to exam preparations. If you are that kind of a person, when the exam dates approaches you get overwhelmed with multiple things to learn which will adversely affect your results in the ACCA exams.

So what you can do is, plan your studies and revision well in advance and create a detailed schedule to study each paper and its chapters. Include the time to take breaks and for other daily activities.

Then plot that schedule in a weekly study timetable and keep it handy by printing out the timetable and hang it near to your study desk so that you won’t miss meeting the schedule.

2. Have an Accountability Partner

Even if you have created a schedule when no one is there to monitor you, it’s easy to skip back to your old unorganized and procrastination habit.

For that what you need to do is find a learning buddy who is also preparing for the same exam and share the learning schedule with that person and ask him to do a vice verse. That means that person becomes your accountability partner and to monitor that you are on track with respect to the study timetable.

Most importantly the accountability partner will be a good support system when you need clarity on certain topics during the studies. Dial that person immediately and gain clarity.

In case your learning buddy can’t help, if you are part of ISDCPro you can utilize our Dedicated Tutor Support feature and raise a quick ticket to our expert tutor to clear your doubts.

3. Arrange a Good Study Place

The environment or the place you choose to study is super important when it comes to effective learning. Make sure you are choosing a place that is very conducive for learning and a clean environment.

Remove all distractions and every clutter near your study desk and put only the study materials and your Laptop (if you are revising through ISDCPro) on the desk. This way you increase your focus and keep up the schedule you planned in the study timetable.

4. Don’t Skip the Sleep

When it comes to exams, most students stretch too much in the night and skip most of their sleep. They think it’s efficient, but in reality, when you skip your sleep you are literally reducing your memory power and you retain less of what you study. So make sure you plan ahead as we discussed in the first point and get a good 8 hours to sleep regularly as you approach the exams.

In case of some uncontrollable personal reasons or due to urgent night travels, if you missed having 8 hours sleep a day as you approach the ACCA exams. Make sure you compensate and clear that sleep debt somehow to keep yourself sharp mentally and to study better in the upcoming days.


These are the most important things you should take care to improve yourself mentally while studying for ACCA exams.

So go ahead and prepare a weekly study timetable, have an accountability partner, organize your study place and sleep well. We are sure that these things will drastically improve your learning capabilities and good luck with the upcoming ACCA exams.

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