7 Ways to Gain Employability with ACCA Qualification?

7 Ways to Gain Employability with ACCA Qualification?

Would you like to learn how to gain your employability (or the skill sets employers are looking for) with ACCA qualification and land on your dream job?

You are in the right place. In this article, we will dive deep into 7 ways which you can leverage to increase your employability and to build a very lucrative financial career.

Let’s dive straight in.


It’s estimated that the employment of accounting and financial professionals is expected to grow by 4% from 2020 to 2029 which is as fast as the average of all professions.

But the challenge is, CFOs and financial sector employers find it hard to recruit the right candidates who have got not just accounting skills but also have got interpersonal skills and are a cultural fit to the companies.

So it’s important for ACCA aspirants like you to stand out from the crowd by leveraging the below tips and gain employability to crack your dream job.

1. ACCA Modules which Increases Employability

In order to enhance the employability of the ACCA students, ACCA has introduced a new module in 2017 to increase advanced ethical and professional skills. It’s called the Ethics and Professional Skills module. It includes units like Ethics and Professionalism, Personal Effectiveness, Innovation and Scepticism, Commercial Awareness, Analysis, Evaluation & Problem Solving, Leadership & Teamwork and Communication & Interpersonal Skills.

ACCA stands for continuous innovation around their modules so that they can provide their students and members with the best possible foundation for future endeavours.

Along with the units in the  Ethics and Professional Skills module, modules of ACCA maintain world class standards and make regular updates in the curriculum with industry relevant information that enables an accounting & financial student to stay relevant as a job seeker who can work along with a dynamic team.

2. Extensive ACCA Study Materials

After becoming an ACCA member, you will gain access to extensive study and research materials to become more employable in the financial sector.

These study materials include accounting and audit standards and exclusive learning options to build a successful career. Having this knowledge truly helps you to progress in your career even in the long term.

By showcasing yourself as a problem-solver as you gain this knowledge, your chance of getting a job increases as employers need a person who is proactive in challenging times and who knows where to find the answers to solve them.

So with ACCA you get more opportunities to learn and by that, you can have an updated CV with an impressive knowledge base to showcase which enables you to stand out from other candidates.

3. Networking Opportunities with ACCA Events

They say, “Your network is your net worth”. That means when you are part of a network with an impressive relationship with the people in it, you can build a truly awesome career path as you will gain referrals easily.

ACCA, as you know, is the world’s largest and fastest-growing accountancy body with members of around 200,000+ across the world which helps you to network with like-minded professionals.

There are networking events all across the globe even before you become an ACCA member. These events help you to connect with employers or employees of your dream company. On a long term basis as you nurture these relationships, when a suitable opening comes, sometimes even without you asking for referrals they may refer you to their respective companies.

4. Exclusive ACCA Job Boards

ACCA has partnered with 7,400+ employers across the world to provide them with the best ACCA candidates for each requirement. When you become an ACCA member you will gain access to this job board with many job opportunities.

Along with this, ACCA provides an option for members to do job advertisements which can connect with your next employer. This way ACCA gives you a platform to showcase your employability and in turn to grab the opportunities you are seeking.

5. Get Work Experience Based on ACCA

In today’s accounting world, technical accounting skills are not enough to grab a job. In order to land in your dream job, you need to have the right company culture, need to have the right team spirit and need to connect well with the clients.

So what you can do is, use the ACCA certification to grab a paid work or volunteering work from a small yet relevant company, this experience in the industry will be an added advantage in the selection process to your dream company. This volunteering or work experience will increase your employability compared to other regular job candidates.

6. ACCA Boosts Up Your CV

As you know, ACCA is recognised across 179+ countries across the world and ACCA has been established for more than 114 years now, that means ACCA certification is globally recognised.

When you add your ACCA membership in your CV, you will gain a massive boost up and will get instantly recognised as an expert financial professional mostly anywhere in the world.

The global recognition of ACCA will add up with your CV and almost any companies or business easily recognize this qualification and trust you in handling their finances. In case you are planning to pursue an accounting and financial career, ACCA in your CV gives an additional edge over others and gives you immense opportunities in global organisations.

7. Up-to-date with ACCA

Just like the accounting and finance sector undergoes faster changes every now and then, ACCA also evolves and updates its modules and study materials. When you are up-to-date with ACCA through email subscriptions and through various professional learning options you will gain a considerable increase in employability.

Even ACCA provides regular blog posts which can be a good source for you to stay up-to-date with ACCA and the accounting industry.

If you dream of a lucrative financial career, then start studying ACCA and becoming an ACCA member is the best way to increase your employability.

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In this article, we have explored various ways you can leverage ACCA to improve your employability through new modules in ACCA, ACCA study materials, ACCA networking events, volunteering experience, ACCA global recognition, ACCA credibility for your CV and getting up-to-date with ACCA etc.

By incorporating these tips as part of your career plan will definitely help you grab your dream job without much competition from others. 

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Hope this article has added value to your journey of becoming a global financial expert! Good luck with your professional endeavours.

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