3 Top Reasons Why You Should Build a Career in Accounting

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Build a Career in Accounting

Do you want clarity on choosing an accounting career and want to make sure the accounting industry has enough potential before you jump start to be a part of this domain?

Then you have landed in the right article. In this write-up, you will discover that accountants are the backbone of every business and even the economy of a country. Let’s dive straight into the article to understand the uniqueness of the accounting career.

Reason #1: Huge Job Opportunity

Some people say that accounting jobs will be replaced by robots and automation which decelerate the job opportunities for the accounting professionals. While the reality is that technology is enhancing the accounting profession by making progress towards a more analytical approach than a data-centric approach.

The relevance of accountants will remain stronger as the business needs a human expert to guide them in the ever-changing govt. regulations and text laws.

More than that businesses require accountants to help them make informed decisions based on the financial reports.

Reason #2: Explore Multiple Industries

Accounting professionals get the rarest privilege which most other professionals won’t get, that is to choose an industry which they like.

Accounts will get the opportunity to choose dream companies they would like to work with based on their experience.

Let’s say you are an avid Cricket fan, as an accountant you can choose to work with a world-class cricket club and help them from behind the scene by managing their financials and accounting.

If you choose to work for accounting, there is flexibility in choosing industry. Because most accounting firms focus on certain niches like education and retails etc.

Reason #3: Long-term Growth

In the accounting industry, there are enormous opportunities to prepare you to become the role of an executive. An experienced accounting professional can even move up the corporate ladder and become a CFO or even the CEO of the company.

When you have an accounting background, it will help you in various management roles in many businesses.

Another major advantage as an accountant is you will be able to connect with highly successful business owners as a part of your accounting job role which will benefit in your career growth in the long run. This kind of opportunity is rare in other professions.

Especially when you work in a reputed MNC you will be able to handle the whole finance of this large organization that in itself is a privilege and build lots of worthy connections from outside the business and internally from top management to various vertical heads.


Now with this article, you must have got the clarity that accounting professions are here to stay and it provides massive opportunities.

A career in accounting will help you grab the huge job opportunities, it can enable you to choose your dream industry or even dream companies and most importantly it provides long term growth which can help you land a CXO role.

Since ACCA provides a well rounded skill set which is needed for the employers, more and  more companies will be looking for ACCA qualified professionals in the coming years. Apart from that ACCA as a company itself has been actively connecting with MNCs, governments and educational entities to build its relevance in India.

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